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The Royal Academy in France, along with its counterpart in Great Britain was the mainstay of art taste and style from the mid-1600s until the 1800s.

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Think about the people or institutions that influence artistic styles and tastes today.

Do you think there are a few institutions or authorities who have the right to voice their opinions?

Or is art more democratically made?

Answer to Question: ARTHIST 115 Global Art Histories

Role Of France’s Royal Academy Of Art in European Art History

The Royal Academy of France was established 1648. This influenced The Royal Academy of Denmark and Britain to establish themselves in Britain and Denmark ( – 2017).

They played the largest role in the development of European Art from the 17th through the 19th centuries.

Their main contribution was to the growth of art in that period through their legacy of culling it through regular exhibitions and training at educational institutions.

The academy is responsible to the academic art style.

The movement’s foundation was the amalgamation and fusion of Neoclassicism with Romanticism.

The key artists in this style of sculpture, architecture, and painting were Joshua Reynolds, Jacques Louis David (Thomas Couture), William Adolphe Bouguereau (William Adolphe Bouguereau), and Jacques Louis David (Jacques Louis David).

The strength of the tradition was also due to the government initiatives.

Cardinal Mazarin & Cardinal Richelieu devoted their power to the glory of this academy (Rietbergen, (2014).

This period saw the creation of many important architectural styles that were influential for other European countries.

One example of this was the idea for a central square surrounded with homes or a plaza.

Francois Mansart, Salomonde Brosse and Jacques Lemercier are some examples of influential architects.

Their style was simple but grand, and consisted mainly of paintings and sculptures by artists who were similar to them.

The canvases of artists often featured biblical or mythological figures. Landscape, festivals, women were dominating subjects.

Claudin Lourrain, Frederick Goodall Jean Paul Laurens, Nicolas Poussin and Jean Paul Laurens are just a few of those most influential painters.

It is evident in paintings such as Sunrise and The Rape of Sabine Women.

The most famous sculptures of Versailles were copied in many other European countries.

France under King Louis XV and XVI were considered the golden age of French culture. (World Monarchies and Dynasties 2015.

The similar changes, transformations and creations that led to the changes from United Kingdom, Spain, to Russia were caused by the changes, the transforms, and the creations.

The French and English royal academies dominated, determined and monopolized Europe’s public art and public interest until the 19th centuries.


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