To evaluate your site against the criteria below, you need to choose at most 3 criteria

NavigationVisualeffects (colour scheme, typography, page layout)

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Navigation / Website Layout / Access to different pages

Pagesdownload speed


Professionalism and Content

You should describe the most effective development practices for each criteria, and also explain how the chosen site violates these practices.

Answer to Question: BN102 Web System


Bad website design often has many factors that don’t make websites attractive or simple to use.

The Smith and Goldsmith Inc. rental property website will be discussed in this instance.

The best website practices are described as being easy to navigate using links. They should not be complicated and have a pleasing appearance.

These are all aspects that cannot be traced to Smith and Goldsmith Inc. website and they will be used as a basis for discussing the attributes of bad websites.

System users today are more interested in user interface design and less on system functionality. That has raised many questions about what constitutes a good or bad website.

A website should meet all the basic requirements in order to be able to provide customer service in the most efficient way.

These include an easy-to-use interface, which users can view without straining, visible links that can be accessed easily and clear pictures that relate to the website’s functionality.

Evaluation of Smith and Goldsmith Inc. rental property websites would be based on their navigation and clarity of images, as well as user interface attractiveness.

Navigation Links

Links are an essential part of every website. They enable users to navigate between pages and return to their homepage when necessary.

To make a website system work efficiently and effectively, it should have easily visible links that are strategically placed on the interface. Users won’t be able to scroll up or down to reach the links.

Links on a website system must be in the form buttons.

These links allow users to easily switch pages without scrolling.

Websites with button links on their toolbar make it easy to navigate between pages by switching pages using the toolbar.

Navigation within a web page should be simple and easy so that users can move around the page without feeling strained.

Smith and Goldsmith website navigation issues cannot be identified and have led to websites not adhering the modern design guidelines.

Smith and Goldsmith website hyperlinks are so designed that it is hard to distinguish them from other information within the system’s interface.

The website links are not easy to navigate, as is required for good interface design practices.

Smith and Goldsmith’s websites are therefore not user-friendly.

Modern website development doesn’t recommend lengthy page navigation. This is because it takes so much time and energy to move up/down.

Today’s systems recommend a single page website, which can be complemented by pagemodal upon clicking a particular link.

Interface for the System

The interface between the user and system should be very attractive to allow users to feel comfortable with using it.

The website background is dark blue in color, which isn’t appealing to users.

It is important to use friendly colors for website design.

It should not be too bright, or too dark to discourage users.

The background is decorated with many conflicting colors that do not discourage users from spending time on the site.

The interface is cluttered with unnecessary writing that should have been located on different pages in order to make it more user-friendly [4].

Not putting content on every page is a good way to design interfaces.

Related content must be placed on the same web page to avoid confusion.

Smith and Goldsmith website do not have consistent color schemes as the colors of webpages can change from one page to another.

Changes in color content between pages can distort good webpage consistency practices.

This is intended to encourage conformity in the system, making it more appealing to users.

Last but not least, page layout doesn’t follow good practices. They must be scrolled to see full content.

Website Content and Professionalism

Because it conveys professionalism, content placement is critical on webpages [2].

Website design should include related content on the same page. This will increase consistency and uniformity.

Too many unrelated pages can lead to a messy website that looks unprofessional and untidy.

Smith and Goldsmith Inc. websites are cluttered with irrelevant content. It makes the website look unprofessional, as is required by good website practices.

Professionalism in a website includes many activities such as linking arrangements, placement of related content, having images at the right locations, creating attractive backgrounds, and placing them in appropriate places.

The application form design is very amateurish.

This page was populated by unformatted fields which allowed users to enter any content. It does not restrict the content that can be entered into each section.

A professional webpage should allow users to limit what they enter and how much in each section.

Smith and Goldsmith website does not provide this level of professionalism.

Recommendations for Improvements

Once you have reviewed best practices for website design, it is time to make some changes to Smith and Goldsmith’s website in areas that do not conform to required standards.

In order to make navigation easier, it’s a good idea put links at the tops of pages.

The menu bar links make page switching simple and users don’t waste too much time scrolling.

Interface design should also be improved in order to be more appealing to the users.

The content and page layout of the website must be uniform.


A website’s design and development should be done well.

Badly designed websites are a problem for organizations. Good system design practices are essential.

Navigation links are crucial as they make page switching much easier than if they’re scattered throughout the website.

Next, system interfaces and color applications define how users perceive the website’s design and should be developed in accordance to established principles of user-interface design.

Website content is the foundation of all system design.

This describes how website is structured. Users can see the structure of the organization and its ability to fulfill their needs.

Bad websites discourage customers.


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