Discuss the Conceptual Framework Format and Standards.

Answer to Question: Conceptual Framework Format And Standards

Coca Cola has been ranked as the Asia-Pacific’s largest company in non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages.

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Conceptual Framework Format And Standards
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This company is present in six countries: Australia, Indonesia (New Zealand), Fiji (Papua New Guinea), Samoa (Papua New Guinea), and Fiji (Papua New Guinea).

The company offers a variety of products including energy drinks, soft drink and fruit juices.

It currently holds 29% in Coca Cola Amatil Company.

Coca Cola Amatil Company has a vision for making customers happy.

BHP billiton is also known as the biggest mining company in Australia. It is involved in both petroleum segment mining and metal mining.

This company was named the largest global mining company in terms of market share in 2015 (computed value).

BHP Billiton is fourth in Australia in terms of revenue.

This Company was formed in 2001 by the merger of Anglo Dutch Billiton plc, and Australian Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited.

BHP Billiton was created as a result of the merger.

BHP Billiton Company was formed in 2001 to incorporate the BHP Billiton Company.

BHP Biliton’s Melbourne headquarters is located.

Conceptual Framework

Coca Cola Amatil Company Ltd’s primary goal to make profits is its main objective.

The Australian company has incorporated the company. To trade its shares, the ASX listed the shares.

Coca Cola has produced its final financial statements based on the Corporations Act 2001 and Australian Accounting Standards offered by the Australian board. Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB).

Coca Cola’s final financial reports are in compliance with the IFRS.

It has been published by the International Accounting Standards Board.

The final financial statements present historical figures, which exclude certain financial assets and liabilities.

These figures were based on their fair value.

After the auditor has reviewed the annual report and made it available, the auditor determined that the financial statements were prepared in accordance to AASB accounting guidelines.

The annual report has no evidence to show that the company’s management has not complied with accounting standards.

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