These key points will help define the entire article and the topics it is based on.

It contains Audio cassettes. Video and audio quality issues. Design details for the video, as well as why they should be included, are all key points.

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EDUC9706 Visualising Language Learning
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Students are provided with better instruction materials to enable them to listen better.

These results were extremely positive, and students took this learning method very well.

They are now more keen to learn from videos with better listening abilities.

Audio cassettes can have poorer sound quality, which can hamper the learning process.

The video designs assessment is being favoured by students so it was recommended that they be included in the syllabus. It will be a long-term benefit.

You will learn more easily and subtilly with better instruction materials. Also, it will be easier for students of other languages to understand the instructions as they are all in English.

The question is:

How we will use the Video designs for the improvement of the syllabus.

Answer to Question: EDUC9706 Visualising Language Learning

The main point of this article is the video designs. These video designs show how video listening obligation can play a major role in the development and implementation of syllabuses.

The positive student response to video design was evident in surveys done across Tokyo institute.

It must be used to legitimize video’s inclusion in the syllabus and listening assessment.

The students also preferred video to listening to the video assessments.

The article also revealed that this type of research was performed at Japan vocational schools institute. There, English is taught along with grammar, translation, and grammar.

Our research revealed that, despite the inclusion of video designs, it is important to preserve the quality required for defining a course program.

Additionally, the testing programs are meant to be used in conjunction with instructional materials.

The premium example is a set of assignments that are used to create the course book. It is a unit that covers film recognition, story telling, subject matter, as well discussing likes and dislikes.

The results are checked for the difficulty of the sound, as well as the ability to hear it clearly. If there are written instructions, they are better than the cassette tapes.

Survey results and further decisions have concluded that video design has better understanding.

These video materials, as it turns out, will be used in a more comprehensive way.

Student can reap the benefits of the large library of videos which is specially designed to assist students at all levels.

The unit should be presented in a way that the students are able to grasp the ideas.

Videos are more effective in explaining concepts.

The best way to teach anything is through video.

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