Explain the difference between implicit or explicit meaning.

What is the difference of plot and story?

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Show us an example of a sound that is both diegetic (or not) from any of the films you have seen.

What does a low-angle shot do for cinematic language?

Your text states that light is the essential ingredient in creating motion pictures.

Is it also a formal component?

Films that have a similar set of conventions, character types, and story lines are called a.

A recurring visual or sound element, which is symbolically significant, is known as a.

Your text identifies four major approaches to documentary moviemaking: factual. persuasive. persuasive.

These criteria are used to classify Transcendent Man.

Be specific. (3 points)

Elizabeth Cowie’s article, “Rear Window Ethics”, states that Hitchcocks film, Rear Window was “an essay about voyeurism.” Can you help us to decide if the film is a celebration or critique of voyeurism?

Use specific elements of the film to support your answer. (3 points)

In what ways is Allen’s Purple Rose of Cairo comparable to, or different from, Shakespearean “festive” comedies?

Answer to Question: ENG250 Film And Formal Analysis

Because a specific definition is not given, implicit meanings are indirect.

An explicit meaning on the other side is one that is clear and provides a definition, eliminating any possibility of misinterpretation or uncertainty.

The former can be indirect and leave space for uncertainty, while it is direct.No. 2

A story is the description of a sequence or events, and how they happened.

A plot gives an overview about the sequence of events based upon how they happened (Barsam & Monahan 2015.

A story offers both explanations and the sequence, while a plan only includes the set of events.

It does not provide an account of the causality effect.No.3

A digenetic sound is shown in the original location of the film.

It is rarely altered.

You can hear it when you flip through pages.

A non-diegetic, unidentified sound, whose source isn’t visible in the film or implied to have been there.

For example, mood music.No.4

A camera that is low on its vertical axis is called a low-angle shot.

It does not fall below the eyeline.

Its purpose, is to portray a strong and powerful character.

It is used to enhance the height of those with a slim physique.

It also provides a fast motion (Barsam and Monahan, 2015).No.5

If lighting is low-key it creates mystery in a movie.

To create an atmosphere of mystery and danger, a small source of light can be used.

It also intensifies character traits such as morally ambiguous or evil. (Shanovitz, 2014).

High-key lighting can be very flattering if used well. Shadows are a good way to eliminate the feeling of danger and focus on the normal.

It increases a sense and intensity of dramatic situations, as well as enhancing a sense that there is something alive about it (Shanovitz – 2014).

Talking about lighting can show emotion turmoil or prove that the decision is being made is serious.

For a creepy effect, you can use under lighting.

You can also use lighting to highlight contrast.No.6

Cross-cutting is a film that shares a set conventions, character types, and storylines.

Cross-cutting refers to the ability of a film’s characters to alternate between riding in different situations during the course.No.7

A metaphor rhythm is a repeated visual, sound, narrative element that is symbolic in meaning.No.8Propaganda.

The documentary describes a singularity that can be achieved by synthesising human and artificial intelligence in the near future.

But, the documentary lacks any factual evidence. It is also highly criticised.No.9

It celebrates voyeurism. Blazer 2006

Jeff persists in his efforts to solve the case of Thorwald’s murder.

Lisa, a friend Jeff described the incident to, climbs onto the fire escape and enters Thorwald’s flat.

She discovers his wife’s wedding ring and uses it as her first clue.No.10


They identify the institution that is marriage.

They can only be identified when they achieve happiness.

They are both comics.

They are built on fantasy.

The setting is also on a theatre stage.

There are many differences

The Purple Rose of Cairo is Woody Allen’s attempt to synthesize facial and parody techniques from early Allen genres. Allen’s primary interest was romantic themes.

Allen, who plays the role of Cecilia in Shakespeare’s festive comedies uses a variant Aristophanic”bright idea” when describing Cecilia.

The main characters in Shakespeare’s festive comedies are Tom, Gil, Cecilia.

Allen’s The Purple Rose of Cairo is a comedy that features the major characters: Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters and Annie Hall.

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