You will be responsible for creating a text-based software program to store information on Hotel Room Bookings. But, because this is a comparative course in programming languages, you will also create the same application using the following programming languages:* Java,

* Python,

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* Perl, Lisp (you can pick either one).

You will need to create a brief discussion document that outlines the programming features for each language. This documentation should also be included with each implementation.

Also, it is necessary to give a brief overview of each language and highlight the differences in how they can be used for this type of application.

Answer to Question: ITECH5403 Comparative Programming Languages

This Hotel Rooms Bookings software was developed using three different programming languages: java, perl and python.

The program has been successfully developed in all three languages, with all the required functionalities.

Each programming language is designed to serve a different purpose. There are several properties built into each programming language that make the job easier, but are absent from another programming language making it difficult to implement the feature.

This is apparent in the implementation this program in these three programming languages. Classes:

Java allows for encapsulation, which allows programmers to create different classes for different purposes.

This makes it simple to create rooms, guests, and bookings in Java.

The feature for classes is also available in Python, but it has some limitations.

Perl language however doesn’t offer such a feature, and all data storage depends on arrays or lists.Functions:

Multiple functions can both be written in java or python to execute a whole program in many different parts.

While it’s sometimes unnecessary to return a value, there are many functions that can be easily implemented in java and Python. Functions in perl however must always return a value.

Blocks Of Code

Perl and java use the curly brackets method to separate code segments. This makes it easier to locate the code inside another block.

In Python, brackets are not used. Instead, indentations (to segregate blocks of code) are used.

Programmers used indentations to segregate code blocks before using brackets. Because brackets are redundant, they save time and can be used again. Debug:

Java and Python programs are much simpler to debug.

Perl programming is much more challenging because the keywords aren’t always what they seem to be.

Debugging a program with multiple bugs is difficult. Conclusion:

All three programming languages – Perl (python), Java (python) have their advantages and disadvantages.

It is impossible to judge the quality of a single program.

Although some of the program’s features were simple to implement in one particular language, they were more difficult to use in another language.

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