Each supplier provides one or more cars.

Each type of car is only supplied by one supplier.

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A supplier code identifies each supplier.

For every supplier, the system also contains information such as company name and street address.

For each car type, the type number (e.g. Sedan, SUV, ute, etc.)

Market segment (e.g. small family, large family, etc.)

are included in the system.

An ERD should be created that represents the entities and attributes as well the relationships between them. It should also indicate the cardinality, optionality, and cardinality of every relationship described in this business rule.2.

Each model is unique to each car type.

Each model is provided as a component of a car.

You must keep the model name and engine capacity as well as the seating capacity and year of manufacture, along with the Drive2Impress retail price, in your system.

Add the entities, attributes, relationships among entities, as well as the cardinality or optionality of each relationship described in this business rule to an ERD that was created for business rules 1.3.

Each car type is kept at more than one location.

Each showroom can keep one or more car types.

Each showroom is identified using a unique ID.

The system stores the address, postcode and number of every showroom.

Add the entities, relationships, attributes, and cardinality of each relationship described in this business rule to one ERD.4.

Each customer may visit one or more showrooms.

A customer can visit more than one showroom.

A customer code is used to identify each customer.

The system stores the customer’s name and mobile phone number as well as the address and the expected arrival date and times.

Answer to Question: NIT1201 Introduction To Database Systems

The methodically organized archive for indexed data (normally it is a collection of related data value) allows for recovery, update, analysis, and outputting of the data.

This data could be of any type, including reports, contents and tables.

The database can represent almost every type of information.

Databases are central to all system applications (that is, word-processors as well as spreadsheets and antivirus software). (, 2017).

Drive2Impress is a private business that offers cars to Canberra.

Drive2Impress can purchase cars from a variety of providers.

Drive2Impress’ cars are kept in a few showrooms across the city.

Clients cannot view accessible cars online at this stage so they must visit one of the showrooms.

Drive2Impress helps clients to arrange a visit prior to visiting a showroom.

Drive2Impress relies on Excel to track business operations. This has lead to inefficiency and redundancies.

Their goal was to grow their business and make the transition to a new management. They explored the possibilities of setting up a database structure.

As a database administrator, I have the responsibility of designing Drive2Impress’ database structure.

Entity Relationship Diagram

An entity diagram, also known as an entity relationships (ER) outline is a graphical representation of entities. It can also be used to determine the connection between data stored in databases and data frameworks.

It is data or ideas about which we can make a claim that data is stored. (Beal, V., 2017).


Here are some examples of different entities with their attributes.Showroom aShowroomID, Showroom_address, showroom_postcode, , showroom_phone

ShowroomID primary key

Customer aCustomerCode. Customer_name. Customers_phone. Customer_address. ShowroomID.

CustomerCode primary key

ShowroomID reference showroom for foreign keysSupplier aSupplierID, company_name, supplier_address, supplier_city, supplier_phone, account_no, contact_person.

Primary key of a SupplierIDCar_type aType_code, type_name, market_segment, showroomID, SupplierID

Primary key: Type_code

A ShowroomID references supplier, Foreign keyCar_model aModel_no, model_name, engine_capacity, seating_capacity, year_manufactured, retail_price, Type_code.

A Model_no is the primary key

Foreign key Type_code refers car_type

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