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Each student will have to be assessed on their responses in Blackboard’s 2 Online Blogs.

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Your responses and interactions must be informed and guided by professional and academic literature.

In the previous Blog, you addressed whether the older persons you see in your practice are healthy.

Blog requires that you reflect once more on the role of registered nurse in a nursing facility.

You can choose at least one functional area to support wellness in older individuals and answer the question, “What strategies do you use to help or encourage the functional well-being of older patients in your practice?”

This Blog will allow you to show an understanding of the ageing, risk factors, and functional consequences of one functional area. Then, you can relate this understanding to strategies that could be used in your practice (your role and older patients you meet in your practice) in order to support functional wellbeing of older persons.

Answer to Question: NURS6250 Ageing And Health

For registered nurses, it is essential to create strategies for improving their practice and to know the basic techniques of providing healthcare to patients.

I am the head nurse at the hospital and have the responsibility of providing effective care for elderly patients.

The individualized care plan is based on the patient’s history, cognitive history, and expectations.

Nursing staff must ensure the patient’s health by taking care of their diet and nutrition.

The nurse coordinates regular checkups with older patients.

They also work closely with their families and organise monthly assessments of their patients to assess their progress.

The aging population is presenting many challenges to society. This includes the government as well the family, healthcare providers, and other members.

These issues are relevant to both people who are older and have chronic conditions and those who are just getting started.

Registered nurses play an important role in providing elderly patients with various forms of healthcare.

The nursing scientists perform the necessary research for evidence-based practices that improve the care of older patients and enhance the quality of their lives.

The slow aging process has several physiological effects.

Skin becomes thinner, dryer, looser, and more wrinkled with age.

Also, as we get older, the sensations on the skin are affected by the loss of nerve endings. 2016).

The development of pressure sores is a common occurrence after aging. In some cases, the sores may develop even after receiving full care from an external source.

Nursing facilities cannot prevent the development of skin sores, pressure sores or bruises. They can only try to implement a plan of action to minimize the possibility of these conditions.

There are several risk factors that can be observed in elderly patients. These include preexisting conditions, such as diabetes or cancer.

A high level can cause skin damage and bruises due to mobility issues.

Also, bowel bladder problems and other inappropriate behaviors can be observed in this age group.

Here are some of the activities registered nurses have put together to help patients age well.

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