This assignment is designed for someone with a statistical background.

I require 2 paragraphs to explain how t test can be used in real-life data analysis.

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STAT 101 Introduction To Statistics
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How would you answer each of these questions?

Imagine a small data collection that you would like compared to a proposed median.

A comparison could be made between the industry claim and the mean weight for a bag of chocolate chips cookies.

Make sure to clearly outline your null- and alternative hypothesis statements.

You should consider the importance of your research question.

Draw out how you would use each step of the four stage hypothesis test process in order to answer the research query.

How could a t test help you analyze?

How can the t testing result be used to support the claim being made?

Answer to Question: STAT 101 Introduction To Statistics

T-tests, which are the most popular statistical data analysis procedures, are used for testing hypothesis within statistics (Fagerland (2012), pp.12-78).

There are many types and uses of t -tests. The most widely used is the “two sample” t-test, also known as student’s test.

The two-sample t test is designed to verify that two different populations have different means.

In our example, we will compare real and industry mean weights for a bag of chocolate chips cookies.Our research question:

Is it possible to tell the difference between the industry’s claimed mean weight and the real average weight of a bag choc chip cookie?

The null hypothesis

The actual mean weight of a bag chocolate chip cookies is equal to the industry-reported mean weight.

Alternative Hypothesis

There is a huge difference between the real weight of a bag choc chip cookies and the industry’s claimed mean weight.

In order to answer the research question, we first need to set a significance threshold of 0.05.

Next, we’ll calculate the probability (p-value), based on the true mean weight for a bag of chocolate chips cookies.

The p value represents the probability of receiving different parameters than those described in the null hypothesis.

Let’s now compare the p -value and the significance levels. If it is lower we will reject the hypothesis.

T-tests are extremely useful in life. They can be used to eliminate doubts in estimates, such as in this case where the ttest is used in order to compare the real and claimed means.

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